Oil-Cleansing Facial Cleanser for Acne Prone and Sensitive Skin

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Oil-Cleansing Facial Cleanser for Acne Prone and Sensitive Skin
Modern Hippie Facial Cleanser is moisturizing and gentle on the skin. Although it can be used on all skin types, it has been designed specifically for acne prone and sensitive skin.

This simple concoction of grape seed oil, safflower oil, raw honey, castile soap and essential oils will leave your skin cleansed, soft and hydrated. This cleanser is not designed to strip away your natural oils, but instead, add them back into your skin.

Cleansing with oil is great for those with oily skin too, because as the "Oil Cleansing Method" states, oil dissolves oil and removes excess oil that's built-up on the surface of the skin.

Why grape seed oil and safflower oil? Both are high in linoleic acid. Acne patients have been shown to have low levels of linoleic acid in their skin surface lipids. Adding oils, which are high in linoleic acid to the skin, balances the surface lipids, which can decrease the number of acne breakouts. Also, both oils are between a 0-2 on the comedogenic scale, which means they won't clog pores.

Raw honey has powerful antibacterial properties, and is moisturizing and very gentle on the skin.

The specific blend of essential oils used in this cleanser are added for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and of course provide a beautiful scent!

Packed in an elegant 8 oz frosted glass bottle with a pump top.


"Finally a face wash that WORKS! As an aesthetician, I have tried MANY, from expensive spa cleansers to inexpensive drug store brands. I have combination, dehydrated and mildly sensitive skin. I started using this almost 2 months ago and I am so happy with my skin. My skin feels super soft, “plump”, my blackheads are minimal and no pimples (knock on wood) since I started with this cleanser. Thank you so much Carly for making this product and introducing it into my life." - Breen

"This facial cleanser has truly changed my life. I have suffered from bad acne my entire life, and I feel like if I had this cleanser when I was a teenager it would have been a game changer. I have been using this for several months now and it has completely cleared up my skin. I wash my face with it every morning and night using my Clarisonic face brush. Sometimes I leave it on 15 minutes to use a facial mask. The grape seed oil breaks down the blackheads on my nose and the honey works to reduce the redness in my face. Then I rinse clean with cold water. Now for the first time in my life I have clear skin with no more redness or breakouts!! Everyone with any sort of skin issues needs to try this product, because it is incredible!!!!! Trust me,I have literally tried eevveeerrryyything else." - Dan

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