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Complete Facial Bundle - Cleanser, Toner, Mask, Serum, Lip Conditioner

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Complete Facial Bundle - Cleanser, Toner, Mask, Serum, Lip Conditioner

This Modern Hippie Complete Facial Bundle is the ultimate self-care kit and your skin will thank you! 

You can use this bundle to create your own Modern Hippie Facial (find the steps on www.modernhippiehw.com!) or to work into your everyday facial and self-care regime. 

The Modern Hippie Complete Facial Bundle includes: 

- Facial Cleanser - a moisturising face wash made with raw honey, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, castile soap and skin-soothing essential oils. An antibacterial, non-drying, cleanser that uses the oil-cleansing method to remove excess oil and dirt from pores. 

- Hydrating Facial Toner - made with rose water, witch hazel and lavender and rose geranium essential oils. 

- Activated Charcoal Face Mask Mix - a powerful detoxifying face mask that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Mix 1 tsp of Mask Mix with 2 tsp of Facial Toner and mix to combine. Apply with a clean foundation brush and leave until completely dry. 

- "Liquid Gold" Rejuvenating Face Serum - a luxurious daily moisturizer designed to rejuvenate  skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, balance pH, reduce redness, and minimize acne. Made with pomegranate oil, jojoba oil, sandalwood, frankincense, chamomile, lavender, germanium, carrot seed and tea tree.

- Lip Conditioner, Pink Grapefruit with a Hint of Mint -  a glossy, insensitive moisturizer for dry, chapped lips. Made with organic shea butter, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, vitamin e and peppermint and grapefruit essential oils. 

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