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Sunblock with Zinc Oxide

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Moisturizing Sunblock with Zinc Oxide is a thick and creamy sunblock, suitable for ALL ages!

Coconut oil, shea butter and grape seed oil, all of which have a natural SPF of their own, make this sunblock incredibly moisturizing and ideal to use on your face and body.

Zinc oxide is a mineral sun filter that reflects or scatters the sun's rays to prevent them from reaching the skin. It is the optimal ingredient in sunblock because it provides strong sun protection with few health concerns. It is stable in sunlight, and offers good protection against UVA rays!

This sunblock is a great alternative to many harmful store-bought brands, which use chemical sun filtering ingredients like oxybenzone (instead mineral ingredients, like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide).

The SPF is determined by the ratio of zinc oxide to carrier oils (coconut oil, shea butter and grape seed oil in this case) and is approximately 30, but has NOT been tested in a lab.

*Because this sunblock changes consistency in warm temperatures, keep it in your cooler and out of the sun when heading to the beach.
* RE-APPLY after prolonged sun exposure and swimming!

This Sunblock is packed in a 4 ounce glass jar with metal lid - yes, this product is plastic free!

Read my article, Sun Protection 101, for more info. 

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