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Soothing After-Sun Spray with Aloe

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After-Sun Spray is the perfect relief for soothing skin that's just had too much fun in the sun!

Made with a simple concoction for aloe vera extract, witch hazel and lavender and peppermint essential oils - that's it! No preservatives, artificial fragrances or dyes. 

Aloe Vera has been used for centuries for its skin soothing and moisturizing properties as it is reputed as being naturally rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, B12, C and E, essential fatty acids as well as amino acids and skin rejuvenating enzymes. 

Witch Hazel Distillate is a medicinal tincture created from the leaves, flowers and bark of the hamamelis tree, also known as Witch Hazel Shrub. It contains procyanadins, resin, and flavonoids, all of which add to its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. 

Lavender essential oil is said to have a healing effect on sunburns and promotes new cell growth, while peppermint essential oil has a dual action warming/cooling sensation and is reputed to be beneficial for relieving itching, inflammation and sunburns. 

TIP: for extra cooling relief, store in fridge!

4 ounces, packaged in a re-usable metal bottle with a mister cap. 

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